One thing changed, but I didn’t change it. My client cancelled on me. So I went and visited a friend and we caught up on our lives. Change is good, no matter how small. It is refreshing to get out of the same old, same old.



This was posted today so I’m really a day late. That’s okay. I don’t even have to be honest about it. No one will probably ever see this post. But, I am honest, to a fault sometimes. So yesterday when this was supposed to happen, did I organize anything? It was my day off. I organized my time. Instead of just randomly seeing what the day would bring, I had it organized. Bible Study, time with Jenifer, pumpkin carving, laundry, and Laurie’s to eat and knit. And everything went as planned.


This is a perfect prompt for today. I’m two behind, but that’s okay. I’ll write it now and post it in order after the last two. Yeah, I did get to help someone this month. I took someone to my Pastor so he could explain the gospel to her. And today I helped that same person to carve a pumpkin. Could have done other things both times, but I chose this and I’ll tell you, it was the better choice. The other things I could have been doing? They are still there, but they are not as critical as this was. Helping someone is investing. Like putting money in the bank. It will return in ways I don’t even know. It will return to her in ways that will bless her even more. And isn’t that really what it’s all about? All this other stuff we think we need to do is trivial. It is people who matter, not things. The list is getting worked on little by little, and even that has been a huge plus in my life, but none of those accomplishments make me feel like helping someone does. Carving a pumpkin, not a huge thing, but thinking of carving through the outside to let light in and then to let light out that is so much brighter and lights up the night…now that is a picture of investing in someone. Jesus wants me to share the light I have which is Him so that it will penetrate through the core and then as He works in that life and the Holy Spirit is welcomed in, then that light is let out towards others.


Had to think about this one. It has bothered me. I know why now. Because not doing this page means it’s not finished yet. My whole history is an unfinished project. So what refreshes me most? Finishing something I’ve started is the answer. Now I can rest, put it aside and go on to the next thing without having to worry. Think of Christ if He didn’t finish the work on the cross, if he left something undone for me to do. Hey, it wouldn’t get done! Thank God that is not the case. I think that’s why I loved this challenge so much; I got some things started amd finished.


In my family we have a genetic condition called blephrospasms. It is an eye condition and affects the way the brain controls the blinking of our eyes. It varies in each one of us. Mom used to twitch, My eldest brother has always blinked very rapidly and my sister needs treatments to keep her eyelids from closing completely. In the past couple of years I have developed some rapid blinking and notice it mostly under stressful conditions. It is very exhausting to my eyes and tends to cause disorientation in my brain. On top of being dyslexic and having ADD, the overwhelming amount of tasks and responsibilities of every day life are anything but simple. To experience simple I find I have to plan it, orchestrating on purpose a structured, laid out plan for each day. Do I do that?? You can guess, NO. Life happens too fast and distractions and interruptions come continually.

“It is said that the eye muscle is the fastest reacting muscle of the whole body, contracting in less than 1/100th of a second. The eye muscles work together to carry out no less than seven coordinated movements and allow the eye to track many different kinds of moving objects” (the web). Mt. 11:30 “Come unto me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light”. This is what Jesus said. He knows we were not designed to mentally keep up with what the eye takes in. We get burdened. I know all the responsibilities that I have are to be given over to Him if I am to experience any form of simplicity. Simple to me would be having everything prioritized and in order and knowing I could accomplish these things daily and not always having to catch up. Simple to me would be not being overwhelmed with life’s happenings and living in faith no matter what happened. My eyes are taking in multiple things at once. Add my blinking disorder to that and no, I don’t experience that simplicity.


This week I am planning to do just that, at least with clothing. I have too many that I never wear and have help (already scheduled) coming to help sort through winter clothes and putting away some summer clothes. Actually donated meg things this Spring. Thirteen bags of stuff gone. I’m sure I have more. Attic stuff that has been around for years that never will be used is a plan. Well, I feel I’m ahead of the game with this one, even though I am behind in a few other days.


I didn’t think I had anything. Thought about it since I read the prompt. Then this morning it came. My journal. In all of the writing on hope, the Bible Study homework, the 31-day challenge, I have abandoned my journal. Not that I write every single day. I don’t. But I don’t miss weeks at a time. Can’t remember when I wrote in it. So at some point today, still a day behind, I will continue and catch up. I like prompts. I am not motivated enough to think on my own. Hoping this will jump start a new perspective for other months to follow. I also have a couple random writings logged somewhere that are unfinished. Hmmm, maybe I’ll take a look….