Hope and Small Spaces

It has to do with thermostats and temperature. Outside is cold and snowing. The storm is less than expected but still we are in. I am in front of a blazing fire with my books and hot soup. These are the moments I yearn for when I’m hustling around day to day. When I have no time, I crave these times. I look around and appreciate. My kids are here. They came to help clear the snow. My husband is here working in the basement. Conversation is of weather and depths and travel bans. I found the book I’ve been searching for. I made waffles this morning as though it is Christmas wondering why they are a ‘reserved’ food group. It takes a storm, an emergency, a threat of danger. I go to the kitchen. As I step outside of the room I notice the temperature change. The fire has pulled out all the heat from the rest of the house. Now only one room is warm enough for me. So we keep feeding the fire. In the midst of the storm God takes the natural comforts and bids us into a small space where He is. If I will draw near I will find Him. And when I find Him, I will want to stay. He is in the expanse but I don’t always experience Him while things are even tempered. I don’t realize how much my soul and heart and mind need His warmth and attention. I can’t stay by the fire all the time wrapped in a blanket. God bids me to live in this world in every temperature. But I can draw near to Him in the midst. He is with me wherever I am. He can keep my heart warm with His presence even when all around me is uncomfortable. Col 1:23 …continue in the faith grounded and settled, and be not moved away from the hope of the gospel, which ye have heard, and which was preached to every creature which is under heaven,…”


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