There’s the kid who shoots the guy in the leg cause the drugs didn’t get delivered and the guy dies. This kid’s going to jail. There’s the 40 bags of heroin found in a police raid. Someone’s going to jail. Two high school girls have a fight. One is going to the hospital. If she dies someone is going to jail. There are programs to feed people next week cause we are all thankful and no one better go without food on Thanksgiving Day. These are a few things in the local paper today. And what will I pay attention to? I’m 13 again, or thereabouts climbing into the cart with my brother. My first roller coaster ride that I have been badgered into all summer. I finally succumb to the pressure. I feel myself ascending the 100 ft. Climb. I am wishing I am on the ground watching. I feel the rumbling of the wheels against the rickety metal rollers. My brother is enjoying my fear. As we reach the top my grip gets tighter as does my stomach and then…a rush and a descent almost perpendicular to the ground has me stunned. Not a word, not a scream, not a sound comes from me. I hear the screams around me but none are coming from me. For the next 45 seconds we are propelled down and up, around corners and finally come to an abrupt stop. I stagger to the nearest trash barrel, but I don’t heave. I wait for my equilibrium to stabilize. I walk away swearing I will never do it again. I did, in fact, many years later, go on another one. I liked it just as much as the first time. There are other things that have made me spin out of control and some have become addictions in my life. As I think of the word, I think, one more. One more taste, one more drug, one more drink; one more thought, one more word, one more time and then I’ll stop. Some things have stopped, but how many others have not. We don’t count them as destructive but they are to your soul, to your mind and to others. And if you are a Christian, to your relationship with God and to your testimony. It isn’t about the thrill. It is about discontentment with who you think you are or who people say you are. One bite of the forbidden fruit told Adam and Eve the truth that they were naked while telling them the lie that said they should be ashamed and so they hid. All God wants is fellowship and harmony. Things can make us spin out of control and derail our lives and the lives of others. But there is still hope. Christ came to redeem all men. He can save and when He saves He does it to the uttermost. I may lose some time on this earth spinning my wheels, but God can redeem the time that I lost. I need to look at what my addictions are and give them to God. He is my comfort. Godliness with contentment is great gain 1 Tim 6:6. Sustain me according to your word that I may live. Do not let me be ashamed of my hope. PSA 119:116..


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