My 31 day challenge is over. It was refreshing! In fact, the one day I did not finish writing about I will very shortly.

But now I am left with this blog. I should put it to use. I write about hope, have been for about a year now. Most don’t see it. Don’t know who will see this blog, but here I will put some things that I write. Maybe it will bless some.

How much news will I hear today? How many prayer requests, how many tears, how many testimonies of great joy, how many stressful situations will I encounter? How many regrets will be told me, how many secrets will I be asked to keep? People everywhere are looking for someone to tell, someone to spill over to, someone to trust. What will we say to them? I want to live in hope today. I don’t always know how. Sometimes I am that person who just needs someone to give me the listening ear. I don’t want to be governed by my circumstances. They may not change. They may get worse. They may even get better. Though this world be marred by the fall of man, though it be darkened by shadows of death, though it be stained with the blood of war and disease, there is still hope. Unspoken prayer requests far outweigh the spoken ones. God hears them. He may hear them louder than He hears my voice. I cry louder in silence. My spoken words cannot always articulate what my heart desires. And God answers my heart’s cries in His time and way. His way is perfect and there is hope in every step of the answer. Ps 62:5 My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him.


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