October, a full month for sure. Did I acomplish what I set out to do? Most of it I did! What did I profit by taking this challenge? I discovered having structure doesn’t require as much effort as I tell myself. I think of how I felt after each task. A little like doing your homework only more so because you know it wasn’t mandated. Like auditing and doing the work because you want to. The biggest blessing didn’t come from the houseold stuff, although they brought a sigh of relief. Doing the personal stuff, the people stuff, that’s what was cool. Talking with all four siblings in one month and getting to spend time with one just brought it all home for me inside. Taking time I normally wouldn’t take to help someone or to ask for help was huge. Not that I don’t help but I can be selfish with my time. I always found I had time for my stuff. Another thing about this challenge was the writing part. Some of it was short amd to the point while others were more thought out. The best thing was the fact that I did it every day. I am new at this writing endeavor! Not like Bonita! All in all it was beneficial, fun and inspiring.


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