Okay what is important to me. Today it is encouraging others. I am working with clients. Encouraging them is a big part of my job. I think the biggest part. Oh sure, there are other requirements, but this trumps all for all people.What would happen without it? We’d be like a war-torn country. We’d be in despair, depending on our own thoughts. We’d talk ourselves out of life. Elderly people have their memories, and sometimes not. Both ways it can be so discouraging, to remember who you were and are not anymore, or to forget who you are. I don’t want to be there but I am in both places when I don’t have encouragement. We all need a promise to look forward to. I think of the promise of Christ’s return. He talked about it all throughout the Bible. He could have not even mentioned it and in the appointed time show up. But he gave them hope and encouragement from the beginning.He knew we all need something to look forward to and to prepare for in order to keep going. So yes, encouragement is very important. It`s up there with hope.


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