Here is something to ponder, although pondering the dreaded thing and all that goes with it is still an excuse to push it ahead even further. Well, before I attempted to write this post, I actually did one thing I dread doing every week. That is paper work for my job. I don’t have a lot of it, just something that needs to be done every week. It involves some time, it involves some calculating, it involves a little bit of effort that is just bothersome. In fact some weeks I just don’t do it, and I suffer the consequences of it. I hate paperwork. I spent many years as a secretary. When I look back on it, I don’t know how I did it. I seemed to not mind it then. Maybe because it was just routine, every day. Maybe I didn’t have as much on my plate as I do  now. A crowded plate of food to an elderly person looks overwhelming. Their mind can’t assimilate it. You have to take most of it off and space it out so it looks palatable or sometimes they won’t touch any of it and they will starve unknowingly. When I stop looking at things as too much and too overwhelming, maybe the reality of the smallness of it will kick in and it will be more palatable. 12 inservices required a year and I have only done 2 thus far. They are not hard but now they are piled up and they are heavier than they are intended to be. They are a pound of feathers that feel like a pound of rocks! Are they both the same?


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