I’m watching the leaves fall off the trees. I know that soon they will have to be raked. My husband doesn’t like to rake until the last leaf falls. That way he says he only has to do it once. The trouble I see with that is that when that day comes, there are so many it takes a few days to complete it. It is usually very cold, and sometimes there is snow on the ground, in which case a lot of them have to wait until Spring. And leaves, when they accumulate and get wet because of all the rain (fall always brings rain), become heavy. So very often I will go out and rake a few at a time, then save the rest for him.

I can’t blame him for thinking that way about the leaves. I have many projects that are so heavy because of procrastination and lack of time, energy and motivation I feel the weight of them just thinking about them. Once in a while I think about asking for help, but other people have their own stuff. I don’t want to bother them with mine. But today’s prompt sparked some thoughts. I was thinking this morning about writing and how I haven’t had many thoughts lately. It seems for a while they were flowing out of me like a waterfall, but now I am drying up. And then I thought about reading other people’s stuff, so I went and read something someone else wrote and it made my thoughts wander in a different direction. I cannot write all by myself. I need the help of other writers to inspire me. Not to copy them, God forbid I ever, but to take their art form and let it help create mine. Creators help each other and it all comes from the creator of everything, God. We were all made to create, but He is the only one who creates from nothing. We draw from each other.

So in the form of sharing the load I helped my son today by driving him to an appointment he had and then I asked someone who is much more organized than I to help me with a project at home. She was very willing. It won’t happen till next week, but just knowing someone is willing lightens up the burden of it. We are not meant to be a rock or an island (like the old song implies). We are created to be helpmates of one another.


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