This prompt has me going over all the things that I do during the day. To say I do something every day is hard. My life is so random. I work at night, but not all nights, I start at 8, but sometimes at 6 or 11. I work for 4 hrs some days and 8 hours other days. That’s the nature of my job. Per Diem, on call, with one day off a week. I try to make it the same day every week. Sometimes it doesn’t work. I cave to client emergency. I am learning very slowly that I could be an emergency if I don’t start saying “no”. ¬†Another thing I am thinking of is, what is mundane? Is mundane washing the dishes or doing laundry? Or does it mean something that is done every day like praying or studying. That is routine, but I don’t consider it mundane. So I guess I will tackle this by explaining the routine of morning and evening (and even times are occasionally subject to change).

My morning:

Alarm goes off at 5:21 and I push the snooze. I cannot open my eyes and jump.

I get up at 5:30 and immediately shower and dress

I clean the cat litter box

I start brewing the coffee and preparing my breakfast

I sit down to have a quiet time which includes prayer, reading, studying and writing

This lasts until I have to finish getting ready for work and out the door or until I get interrupted by someone.

My evening (after work if not too late)

Most times I eat a snack

Finish whatever dishes are in the sink. There are always some.

Retire to my room where I check my computer

Wind down with writing, reading, or computer games or even an old tv show on netflix

Lights out.

Well, that’s what I do already. I will have to think of how to get the other unfinished mundane stuff organized. Until my work schedule is a little more scheduled, I think the mundane will have to take a back seat to schedule.


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