I have never thought of myself as a perfectionist. I don’t do perfect. But I do avoid doing certain things because I do not do perfect. So in that respect maybe I do fit the label. I start something and quit, usually because in my own mind I am not good enough nor ever will be. I know more than anyone else I am not perfect. Things I do lately I do because I have a desire to, like writing. I know that I have a lot to learn about writing, as I am brand new at it. I know even though I find myself comparing myself to other writers and always come out on the bottom, I don’t quit. I believe I can do this thing. I don’t believe I will ever perfect it. But excellence, excelling at something to produce fruit, is another thought. My garden this year started out terrible. There were things that I planted that never even showed a hint of growth. There were other things that I let get so overrun with weeds and chilly nights that I thought there would never be fruit. I was wrong. There was, perhaps, not as much as last year, but there was an adequate supply for what I needed. Not perfect, but excellence. So progressing, doing what I can when I can, excelling to the next level produces a sense of accomplishment. There is no demand upon me to be perfect. Jesus said, “be ye perfect as I am perfect”. Well, that seems like a tall order, but He was making a statement that He knew no one could attain without His work within them. I can be perfectly content in my own imperfection while I rest in His perfect plan.


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