My thought this morning was “It all starts with an idea”. ” In the beginning God created”. He had an idea. And then He broke it down into small parts. Well, small for Him. He started with the heavens and the earth. He created a platform onto which everything else would go.Then He put everything in place; in order. Disorder in my brain causes disorder in my life. I have fought a lifetime untangling the nerve endings in my brain. So projects that are unfinished are usually because I have not started at the beginning.I think I can jump into the middle somewhere to start. God created land and vegetation before the animals. They needed a place to dwell and food to eat. He created man before woman. She needed someome to take care of her. He actually had the plan of redeption before all
of it because He knew that free will was going to cause sin and man would need a Savior. When I stop and break things down things tend to make more sense. Building anything works that way, math works that way. I have to see my unfinished projects in the same way.


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