I got up at my normal 5:30 time this morning ready to jog. I’ve been jogging for a couple of months. My goal was to jog a mile without stopping by the end of summer. I fulfilled it. Some mornings have been on the chilly side so I have limited my days to one or two days a week. After 3 days off, this morning I ventured out while it was still dark, started into the cemetery, my usual route, and after about 1/4 mile ran out of energy. It was colder than I could handle considering last night we had our first frost. Running was not warming me up enough and I was just too tired. I retreated back to my house for coffee and breakfast. Later on this afternoon I did get to walk a couple miles with a friend. I couldn’t maintain today, but I did do something. I remember the story in Mark 12 of the widow who gave the two mites in the offering while the pharisees and self righteous leaders gave sumptuously so all could see. They could give like that for it really cost them nothing. They were not making any sacrifice. The two mites, on the other hand, were all the widow had. She gave what she could. Sometimes I have to keep my eyes and heart attentive to what is possible and reachable in a given time. If I try to extend myself beyond what I am able to do I could end up in a worse state. If I had continued on no energy I may have collapsed. I am still really new at this. It is not a goal that I should be training for any races. I am just trying to keep healthy. So what I can do is what I can do. It is enough.


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