Day 2 prompt: Make a list of things to accomplish. Take a step in doing one.Experience joy in crossing it off the list.

Clean out drawers

Put away summer clothes

Call family members just to connect xxxx

Plan relax time with my husband

Start thinking about birthdays and holidays.They are coming fast.

Get sewing machine fixed

Find time to knit

There are 24 hours in a day. But within them there are minutes and seconds to deal with. Some things only take minutes. I took a few after work, before dinner, before my next job to call 2 of my brothers. I left a message for one and talked with another. I am happy to take this off my list. When I broke it down it became possible. God breaks me so that I realize my smallness before Him. It is at that point He can get through to me to accomplish His work in me, one second at a time.


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